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    What is a Better Biking Experience?

    On arrival you will be greeted, made to feel welcome and introduced to an Observer - this will be the person that will work with you during your time with us.

    The Observer will get to know a little about you by asking about you and your riding background and discuss with you what you ideas for you Better Biking Experience. What we do is heavily influenced by the conversation we have with you - if you have some particular area(s) you wish to work on then tell us - we are here to help! If you have no particular issues then thats great too we will aim to cover as many areas or riding as feels appropriate once out on the road.

    The day usually consists of around a 40 to 50 mile ride to some pre agreed destination where you will be out on the public roads, hopefully enjoying yourself with occasional feedback from the observer on ideas for you to try. At the destination we will stop for a cuppa and a longer chat before returning towards home.

    If you want to get a feel for the sort of thing you'll be doing have a look here #nevertoogood and/or here Men and Motors

    At some point the observer will present you with a written summary of the points highlighted and an information pack as deemed appropriate.

    It is important to remember that we have no fixed agenda as our time is spent working on whatever it is you want to cover. Over the years we have however built up a list of common areas of concern and offer these as examples of what we can cover;

    How to read bends, how to use the limit point, how to get your cornering speed, line and gear right. All whilst maintaining full control, being smooth and making progress.

    Where, when and how. You may be suprised at how many more you can make!

    To make the most of being on a bike you need to know when and where you can and can not filter. We can show you how to do it safely, legally and in full control.

    Riding In The Wet
    Being based in the U.K. wet weather riding is inevitable. Knowing how to deal with the rain and maintaining reasonable progress through skilled cornering techniques and control is a must.

    Sometimes there is no particular area of concern but just a general lack of confidence on the rider’s part. We can help to build that confidence.



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    How do I get a place?

    The easiest way to contact us to reserve your FREE Better Biking Day experience is to complete this Application Form

    Alternatively call : 08700 427648

    or email us at admin@betterbiking.co.uk